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Swara Yoga

Swara Yoga Secrets: Balance Life with Ida, Pingala & Sushumna Nadis

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In Swara Yoga, Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna are the three main nadis or channels through which prana, or vital energy, flows in the human body. According to Shiva Swarodya Shastra, each nadi is associated with certain activities or characteristics. Here’s a table summarizing the activities associated with each nadi:

Swara Yoga Table of Activities

NadiCharacteristicsActivitiesBest time for activities
IdaFeminine energy, Lunar, Cooling, Mental, Receptive1. MeditationDuring left nostril dominance,
2. Study and learningMoon days, Evenings
3. Sleep and relaxation
4. Creative tasks (writing, painting, composing music)
5. Emotional healing and counseling
6. Introspection and self-reflection
7. Nurturing relationships and empathy
PingalaMasculine energy, Solar, Heating, Physical, Active1. Physical work and manual laborDuring right nostril dominance,
2. Exercise and sportsSun days, Mornings
3. Digestion and eating
4. Decision making and problem-solving
5. Assertiveness and leadership
6. Public speaking and presentations
7. Goal setting and planning
SushumnaBalanced energy, Spiritual, Unifying1. Yoga, especially Hatha and Kundalini yogaWhen both nostrils flow equally,
2. Pranayama (breathing techniques)at dawn and dusk, or during
3. Spiritual practices and ritualsspecific spiritual practices
4. Deep meditation and advanced concentration techniques
5. Exploration of higher states of consciousness
6. Chakra balancing and energy work
7. Spiritual awakening and self-realization

These activities serve as guidelines for understanding the energetic qualities of each nadi and how to align one’s activities accordingly. Practitioners should listen to their own bodies and intuition to determine the most suitable activities for their personal practice.